The share of non-performing loans began to rise again, – NBU


In March, the first month of quarantine restrictions in Ukraine, the share of non-performing loans in the banking system increased by 0.17 percentage points – to 48.92%, while in February it decreased by 0.36 PP – to 48,75%.

According to the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), the share of NPL increased in state banks – 0.95 percentage points, to 64.7%, reports Biznestsentr with reference to FinClub.


In particular, the portfolio "Privat" the NPL ratio increased by 0.41 p. p. – to 78,66%, and in other government banks – 1,79%, to 51,73%.


banks foreign banking groups, the share of toxic loans grew by 0.1 p. p. – to 33,27%.


At the same time, the banks with private capital, the share of non-performing loans decreased by 0.03 percentage points – to 18.59%.


since the beginning of the year the share of NPL in the banking system increased by 0.56% p. p.


In absolute terms the portfolio of non-performing loans rose in the first quarter 23020 year by 44.64 billion – to 575,42 billion.


As reported, according to the National Bank, generally at the beginning of 2020, the share of non-performing loans in Ukraine was 48.4%, decreased over the year by 4.5 PP